How to Use Google Meet , How to Record – Detailed Tutorial

Good day to Everyone, Today I would like to share “How to create Google Mail Conferencing, How to connect the Participant and How to schedule the Event. “GOOGLE MEET” hold meetings on the go, Virtual training classes, remote interviews and more.

Advantage of GOOGLE MEET:

Up to 250 participants can accommodate using G-Suit

“Record your Meeting”
“Chat with your Participant”
“Get the Question and Answer Details”
“Share your Presentation, Content and Document”
You can “Able to Mute and Remove the Participant”
How to schedule the Google Meet, Just log in your Gmail account

login with Gmail account
Google Meet 1

You will have a “Google app option”, So in this app option you will have a “Calendar”, before you are starting your google meet, You need to schedule the event just click google calendar.

Google calendar
Google Meet 2

This is the google calendar you have a date and time if you want to schedule the event on 19th or 20th. You will get the different timeline for example “I want to schedule the event today at 9 p.m. Just select today date and in timeline just to select 9:00 p.m.

schedule the event
Google Meet 3

You will get the dialog box just type your event title so I’m making “Graphic Design FDP” choose the date and time so 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. So I have selected if you want to add the guests for example you have students list with your gmail account, You can copy and paste the link or if you have the faculty numbers, faculty names, you can type them add guests for example I’m typing 3 more guests fine.

Add guests
Google Meet 4

If you want to have google meet ID just click the save button you will get the ID. Just select the meet ID and copy then click Save would you like to send the invitation email to Google Calendar guest so whatever guest you added they can receive the intimation made from our Account, So I’m going to click send so they will receive the mail confirmation

meeting ID
Google Meet 5

Once you schedule the event go to Google meet so this is a app, just click the app in this Google meet you will have this is your account you will have today 9 p.m. Graphic Design FTP because you already started you schedule the event, Just click the event

join or start a meeting
Google Meet 6

You need to confirm with your Camera and Mic, If you want to put off your Camera just click, If you want to put off your Mic just click and Join now

Join now window
Google Meet 7

So you can join the event, so this is the event part the normal, So you will have participant list, You will have chat box or You can chat whatever you want if you have a question if you have a any other quires you can raise here.

Chat option

If you want to add the people you can add the people or if you want give the link meeting ID just click the corner you will get the meeting ID, copy the meeting ID and send over the Mail or WhatsApp.

Get meet link

You will have caption if you have a caption option turn on your caption option you will get the captions so the subtitle will be there you can able to see the subtitle options so if you want to turn off just click.

turn on captions

Here present now option so if you want to present your screen you can present your screen just click Present now. Your entire screen, A window or  A Chrome tab if you select entire screen you will have entire screen option you can share.

Share screen

So that you are presenting screen will be appear here so you can share the presentation.

So this presentation will be visible to the participant if you want to stop sharing just click stop presenting you can stop the presentation.

stop presentation

The next one how to record the V Meet, Just click the bottom right side three buttons.

record meeting

So just to click the record meeting. They will ask about you want to accept or not. Just click accept the record will start.

Google meet record the call

So that your record had already started, If you want to end up the meeting just leave the call.

Google Meet leave the call

 Thank you for reading. Have a Great day.

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