How to install “Windows 10 to Windows 11” for free

Good Day to Everyone, Today I would like to share “How to install Windows 10 to Windows 11 for free” in your Laptop as well as your Desktop.

Yes it is a beautiful option windows has released officially Windows 11 on October 5th, 2021 so you can upgrade your Windows 10 to Windows 11.

how to install window 10 to window 11 for free

It is absolutely 100% free.

So what is the procedure how to access let me show you. How to do that you can just browse Chrome Browser and you want to check a minimum requirement for installing windows 11 for example, If you want to install windows 11 you need to have some system requirements so that you can able to get windows 11.

So what you have to do “Download PC Health Checker”. It is a free application so it just came from

download pc health checker

So once you download this one, So automatically the .exe file will be download for the PC Health Checker once you select the PC Health Checker.

It will ask to run the program, So once you run the program, It will has the time to run your program.

So just click accept and install.

install pc health checker

Once you click install button, your status will be display over there from the Microsoft.

So itself it will check whether your hardware is healthy correct, you can upgrade your Windows 11 from Windows 10 or Windows 7 or Windows 8. It is a beautiful option.

When PC Health Checker is installed, Just click on finish button

window pc health checker is installed

So once you click finish, Automatically you can able to check your PC Health. you can check out just click “Check Now” button so see the result, for example this pc meets windows level requirements, for example if you want to check everything so that you can eligible to update your windows 10 to windows 11. So you have to check your PC Health Checker it’s a Beautiful Option.

PC health check now

Otherwise you can click here see minimum system requirements.

see minimum system requirements

So once you see this minimum requirement if you have a minimum requirement of your system means, For example if you have a minimum 4gb ram in your laptop or system and one gigahertz for processor is there means storage is 64 gb also enough for windows 11 if you are satisfied with that you are eligible to attend windows 11 so upgrade windows 11 from windows 7 to windows 11.

PC requirements for install window 11

Everything you can able to do that.

For example some sad news is happen your system requirement is not satisfied with windows 11 means you can use windows 10 till October 2025. It is a beautiful option they have given, So they increase the time limit five years they increased it around the windows 10 that is Microsoft will support windows 10 till 2025.

Microsoft will support window 10 till 2025

You need to upgrade windows 11 before that so please update your requirements that you can eligible to update your windows 11 from windows 10 or windows 7 to windows 8 everything you can update new software made yes

Now how to upgrade, How to install previous windows 10 to windows 11 from your PC or Laptop. It is a beautiful option where given there, So just go to start menu and search a setting option. There is a setting option.

go to start menu and search setting option

Once you select the setting option, there just select windows update.

Select window update

You are up to date last check on, So if you want to download and install just select the download and install automatically, You can eligible to download and install your application, So that you can update your pc and you can download your OS and you can install for the windows 11.

check for update

It is a beautiful option you can get that option to upgrade your windows 7 to 11, windows 8 to 11, windows 10 to 11.

downloading starts

It is a beautiful option, it is a beautiful tips from the microsoft itself automatically, they can give so as you see here so status is downloading it will be more into the percentage ways you can get your windows 11 automatically, it will upgrade in your Laptop and PC.

Just check the availability and update. that if you like this tutorial, Please share with your friends and thanks for Reading.

Dear Friends have a Great and Good Day.

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